Chicken Meat Cuts Available for Purchasing/Order at Lay Hong Food Corporation Sdn Bhd
Our boneless products came with and without skin. The boning is done manually by highly skill workers in hygienic manner and in a clean and temperature controlled room.

1. Boneless Breast (BB) and skin on

Boneless breast (BB) consists of one half of a whole breast meat. The BB is produced by removing the breast meat (pectoral muscle) manually from the sternum, after cutting the wings and whole legs of the whole chicken. Fillet meat is detached from the breast meat. BB came with or skinless.

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2. Skinless Boneless Breast (SBB)

The boneless breast where the skin has been removed.

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3. Chicken Chop (Boneless Whole Leg Skin On With Knuckle)

Chicken Chop is the cut derived from whole leg. The bone is separated from the whole leg leaving the meat with the knuckle on. The chicken chop consisting of thigh, drumstick meat and knuckle attached at the end of the drumstick meat.

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4. Boneless Leg (BL)

Boneless leg (BL) is the meat derived from whole leg consisting of thigh and drumstick meat that has been deboned with skin remained.

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5. Skinless Boneless Leg (SBL)

SBL is the boneless whole leg meat consisting of thigh meat and drumstick meat with the skin removed.

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6. Boneless Thigh (BT)

Thigh meat produced by separating thigh bone and removing drumstick by cutting at the hock (knee) joint.

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7. Skinless Boneless Thigh (SBT)

Thigh meat without skin and bone.

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8. Fillet

Fillet is a round, elongated fusiform muscle (supracoracoid or deep pectoral muscle) found on each side of the keel bone (sternum). The meat is separated from breast meat during deboning.

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