Chicken Nuggets
NutriPlus Golden Choice Chicken Nuggets  
The NutriPlus advantage:

• Made from fresh 'Air-Chilled Chicken
• No artificial flavorings
• Contains only skinless and lean chicken breast meat
• Specially coated for added crunch
• Intensive lab testing and quality checks are a    reassurance of the attention we pay to stringent quality    control of Nutriplus Golden Choice Chicken Nuggets
Wise Choice Honey Chicken Nuggets  
The wise choice for healthy hearts

Give your heart a healthy boost with Wise Choice chicken nuggets. Made from fresh 100% skinless and lean air-chilled chicken meat, Wise Choice is the healthier snack for you and your family. And, each Wise Choice nugget is generously breaded, delicately flavoured, and meatier so good health never tasted so great.
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