The Group first commenced layer farming operations in the 1960s with the establishment of the sole proprietorship business of Lay Hong Poultry Farm Co., by the late father of Mr. Yap Hoong Chai, Mr. Yeap Seak Yong. Mr. Yap Hoong Chai with his two brothers, Mr. Yip Kim Hoong and Mr. Yeap Weng Hong took over the control and management of their father's small layer poultry farm in 1973. At that time, the business was only one farm with production capacity of 10,000 eggs per day.

The business embarked on an expansion plan under the leadership of the three brothers and subsequently the entire operations of Lay Hong Poultry Farm Co was acquired by Lay Hong Farm Sdn Bhd. on 27 September 1983, and thereafter had it listed in the stock exchange on 20 October 1994.

The Lay Hong Berhad Group has achieved commendable growth and takes pride in the fact that over the years, it has established itself firmly as the leading producer of fresh farm eggs in Malaysia. In year 2000, the Group ventured into broiler farming and to-date has fully integrated its layer and broiler farming operations from the production of poultry feed, breeding and hatching of day old chicks, production of egg trays and the processing of chicken manure into organic fertilizer. Another milestone was achieved when the Group branded its products under the trade name “NUTRIPLUS” and "WISE CHOICE". In 2004 the Group achieved the superbrand status awarded by the Superbrand Council of Malaysia. Continuous efforts are ongoing through aggressive marketing campaigns to maintain dominance and achieve an even greater market acceptance.

With its primary activities strongly in place, in 2005 the Group progressed into downstream activities that include processing of chicken using the air-chilled technology, manufacturing of chicken frankfurters, nuggets and other chicken related products and pasteurized liquid egg. With the set-up of the state of art manufacturing plant, the Group is armed to achieve its vision to become a renowned Integrated Livestock Farmer and quality food manufacturer. Market acceptance from the industrial users such as confectionaries and bakeries for pasteurized liquid egg
has been growing steadily. The manufactured food products are marketed under two brand names - NUTRIPLUS for the premium up-market segment and WISE CHOICE for the regular market segment, sold mainly in East Malaysia.

Amidst its growth, the Group remains focused and committed to manufacture high quality HALAL food products adhering strictly to food standards like Good Manufacturing Practices certification for animal feed production (GMP), Good Farm Practices Scheme certification for Pullet Farms (SALT), Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) certification (VHM), Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points certification (HACCP) and ISO. In this pursuit, the Group has achieved commendable awards which includes the Outstanding Layer Farm Award; Anugerah Khas Q’ for the Industri Pengeluaran Ternakan; Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand.

In 2009, the Group ventured into marketing directly to consumers in Sabah, East Malaysia acquiring the business assets of a group with a chain of 9 medium size community supermarket outlets in the sub urban areas.
To-date the Group’s stable, comprises, eight layer farms, fourteen broiler farms, three hatcheries, four breeder farms, two feed mills, one egg tray plant, two chicken processing plants, a liquid egg plant, four organic fertilizer processing plants and 10 supermarkets stores.

The Group’s current annual production of eggs and broiler meat is approximately 500 million pieces of table eggs and 30,000 metric tons respectively with 18,000 metric tons of organic fertilizer per annum.

The Group’s food manufacturing business units produce annually approximately 5,000 metric tons of processed chicken products and 4,000 metric tons of pasteurized liquid eggs.


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