Halal Assurance Management System
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Lay Hong Berhad (LHB) is a public listed company involving in integrated poultry as core business. LHB produces high quality and halal chicken meat products through implementation of Halal Assurance Management System and other quality and food safety assurance systems. Lay Hong Food Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (LHFC) and Lay Hong Liquid Egg Sdn. Bhd. (LHLE) are subsidiaries of Lay Hong Berhad which involved in processing of chicken meat and products and egg products. All our products are certified halal by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

In order to ensure the integrity of our halal products, LHB has developed a management system with objective to reduce risk of the products being non-halal or non-compliance to the JAKIM requirements for certification of halal products. LHFC which produce chicken meat and products has been implementing Halal Assurance System (HAS) since 2009. At that time, a manual on HAS was prepared based on the guidelines produced by Majlis Ugama Islam Indonesia (MUI) and in 2013 the manual was revised to meet the guidelines on the Halal Assurance Management System by JAKIM.

HAS ensures transparency and consistency in implementing halal guidelines. All activities are continuously monitored and recorded, regularly audited by both internal and external auditors. Two Committees were formed to oversee the effective implementation of the systems and both committees are chaired by the Chairman of LHB.

Policy LHB on Halal

Lay Hong Berhad is committed to produce Halal chicken meat and products, and pasteurized liquid egg and products which meet halal guidelines issued by Malaysian authorities. The company only produces halal product.


The objectives of Lay Hong Berhad Halal Assurance Management System are the following:
  1. To ensure the integrity of Halal processing by continuously and consistently monitored on the compliance to the Syariah (Islamic Law).
  2. To ensure compliance to all guidelines issued by Malaysian authorities such as Halal Assurance Management System of Malaysia Halal Certification produced by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).
  3. To ensure compliance to the Malaysia Standard MS 1500:2009 Halal Food Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage – General Guideline (Second Revision) produced by SIRIM.

Key/Main Features of HAS
  1. Organization in Halal Management
    LHB has established 2 levels of Halal Committees overseeing the policy and implementation of the HAS system in the group. At the management level a steering committee (ATTACHMENT 1) was established to ensure a proper policy is formulated so that the company will remain reputable and credible producer of Halal foods. The committee is also to ensure adequate resources are made available so that the system is fully implemented. The steering committee will oversee the implementation of HAS in all plants owned by the LHB that have been awarded with Halal Logo by JAKIM. At plant level, working committees (ATTACHMENT 2) was established to oversee day to day implementation of the Halal Policy and Halal Assurance Management System. Members of these committees were appointed based on their position and knowledge in halal requirement and consisting Muslims and non- Muslims. Both committees are chaired by the Chairman of LHB who is a Muslim and knowledgeable in management of Halal food.

  2. Halal Administration
    1. Appointment of Halal Executive and supervisors
      LHB has appointed Halal Executive who is a muslim with relevant qualification and well versed in syariah, to oversee day to day implementation and daily activities at the plant level. To support him at the plant are Halal supervisors. The slaughter man are all local Muslim are appointed based on experience, knowledge and skill and possess a valid certificate issued by the State Religious Authority (Department of Islamic Religious Selangor, JAIS).
    2. Source of raw materials and ingredients
      Live birds and eggs are sourced from farms belonged to Lay Hong Berhad or its subsidiaries and occasionally from external farm. Chicken meat is sourced mostly from our own slaughterhouse. However, if sourced from other establishment, the establishment shall be Malaysian government approved. Other ingredients used in our production are sourced from JAKIM approved establishments or list and have been verified by the Halal Executive.
    3. Storage, delivery, packaging and labeling
      Storage rooms in plants are dedicated only for Halal products, raw materials and ingredients. Dedicated trucks are used for the delivery of products .Delivery vehicles shall be inspected and found to be cleaned, well maintained and free from non-Halal product prior to loading. All packaging materials used comply with Halal requirement and derived from non toxic and non hazardous material. Halal logo together with other information required by law are displayed at all packaging.

  3. Training Program
    Halal Awareness training for all levels of LHB staff from management to plant personnel is conducted internally. The Awareness program is to ensure Halal Assurance Management System is accepted and implemented successfully. In addition to awareness, annual training plan is designed to improve knowledge and skill of all staff involved in the production and processing.

  4. Identification of Halal Critical Points (HCP)
    Identification of HCP is the key process in the development of HAS. HCP is defined as Halal Critical Point is a location or process in the process flow where measures can be applied to eliminate failures to comply Syariah requirements. The HAS Plan is developed around the HCP to ensure the integrity of the production and halalness of the product.

  5. HAS Plan
    HAS plan is one page summary of all activities that need to be done in order to ensure effective implementation (ATTACHMENT 3). This plan serves as quick reference for implementation.

  6. Verification and validation
    The Verification program is carried out to show that all activities in the Halal Assurance plan are implemented correctly and effectively and in compliance with the Halal Standard requirements and Syariah law. Verification of HAS is divided into 2 categories:
    1. Verification of HAS activities to ensure all activities are done correctly.
    2. Verification of HAS in system is to ensure the system is complete and effective to meet the objective of HAS.
    Validation is a process carried out to ensure that the criteria developed at HCP is effective measures to comply with Syariah requirements. The validation process is applied at all HCPs.

    In house experiments are carried out based on methodology and procedures approved by the HWC. Revalidation will be carried out when:
    • Major changes happen that may affect the HAS system or when new study
    • New experiments method found that can improve the validation process
    • New fatwa or guidelines issued by the authority
    • Changes in the process flow or new products

  7. Auditing
    1. Internal Audit
      Internal audit function is established to ensure all activities planned under the HAS system are implemented and to prevent non compliance to the syariah. Internal Halal Audit is conducted at two time a year. Internal Auditors are appointed and trained in auditing technique, procedures and HAS. Internal report is discussed at Working Committee.
    2. External Auditing
      The plants are audited by JAKIM. We are subjected to surveillance and regular audit. The processing plants are also subjected to auditing by our major customer.

  8. Traceability System
    A mechanism is established to trace default products so that action can be taken to identify and recall all suspected products.

  9. Has Manual
    A manual was compiled and distributed to all relevant departments and shall act as guidelines for policy makers and implementers. The manual is the official documents of LHB and a controlled document and any changes made to the document shall go through various process and final approval by the top management. The content of the manual appears in ATTACHMENT 4.

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