Chicken Meat Cuts Available for Purchasing/Order at Lay Hong Food Corporation Sdn Bhd
Lay Hong Standard Cuts are Chicken Parts which are currently produced at the slaughterhouse at Lay Hong Food Corporation (LHFC). Seven type of bone in chilled chicken cuts are avaible in addition to whole chicken.

1. Whole Chicken

Dressed poultry carcass slaughtered according to Halal method. Feathers, hairs, head, feet at the tarsal joints and all internal organs except kidneys which are attached to the backbone, have been removed. Bishop nose remains intact.

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2. Whole Wing (MC)

This cut is obtained by cutting at the shoulder joint at an angle so that a portion of shoulder meat attached. The cut includes whole wing (DRUMETTE, MIDDLE WING/MID JOINT and WING TIP) and a portion of a shoulder meat.

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3. Keel

The posterior portion of the BREAST obtained by cutting across at the middle of the breast through the soft part of the breast bone parallel to the ribs bone no. 7.

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4. Rib Cut

The anterior portion of the breast cut (after keel has been removed) is split into equal half by cutting across the thoracic bone. The cut consists of breast meat, backbone (thoracic bone) and rib.

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5. Whole Leg (MC)

This cut consists of back bone, thigh and drumstick. The whole leg is obtained by cutting across the back bone of the back portion (posterior portion) of chicken to form two equal parts.

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6. Thigh

The Upper part of the chicken whole leg. The whole leg is cut at the hock joint (knee joint) to produce thigh and drumstick. The Bishop nose is removed. The cut contains meat at the back bone, thigh, abdominal skin and fat.

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7. Drumstick

Distal portion of the whole LEG which is separated from the THIGH by a straight cut through the hock joint (knee joint) separating the thigh and the drumstick. The cut is also produced at boning process .

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8. Whole Wing BBQ

Obtains by cutting through the shoulder joint and parallel to scapula. It includes DRUMETTE, MIDDLE WING/MID JOINT and include the WING TIP. The whole wing BBQ does not contain shoulder meat.

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