Egg Facts - Egg Care
When Selecting Eggs...
When buying eggs, choose eggs that are clean and uncracked. The shape of the egg should be oval. Remember to check the "best before" date on the carton.
When Storing Eggs...
Like other perishable food, eggs should be refrigerated. While in the refrigerator eggs can easily absorb odours from other food such as onion or cheese. To prevent eggs form absorbing other odours and flavours, keep them in their original carton.

Do not wash the eggs before storage as that would remove the protective film (bloom) which covers the pores of the shell. Should the egg need cleaning, a dry cloth should be used.

Although most refrigerators today an egg trays on the door, avoid keeping eggs in this area as it is often not cold enough. The temperature also fluctuates when the refrigerator door is opened and closed.
When Preparing Eggs for Cooking...
Wash hands and utensils before preparing eggs. When using more than one egg, break them one at a time separately to avoid spoiling the whole batch. If the egg shell falls into the egg content, remove it immediately with a clean utensil.

As eggs lose their freshness quickly, break eggs just before using them. Cooked eggs should be served immediately or refrigerated in air tight containers and served within the next 3-4 days.


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